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Google Chrome v18.0.1003.1 Dev


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Google Chrome v18.0.1003.1 Dev


The Dev channel has been updated to 18.0.1003.1 for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome Frame. This build contains the following updates:


Updated V8 -

Fixed several crashes (Issues 106869, 104046, 106989, 107574, 106891, 108687, 107171, 109002)

When a profile is synced, use GAIA name + GAIA photo for avatar - Use Google OAuth userinfo API to get profile information (Issue: 91241)

Added support for manifest_version attribute for extensions (Issue: 62897)

Eliminate drawing glitch on WebUI radio controls. (Issue: 105755)

Fixed regression with extension omnibox API where whitespace would get trimmed (Issue: 106355)

Fix page zoom for plug-in documents (Issues: 106013, 106228)

Fix race condition in extension service that causes extensions installed (Issue: 101935)

Folders in the wrench menu and application menu are greyed out (Issue: 109196)

Better error handling in audio wave out. (Issue: 108685)

Made URL filter for web request API mandatory (Issue: 106590)

Reject weak RSA and DSA keys when validating certificate chains for HTTPS; related UI (r114879, r116442, r115924)


Popups opened from a maximized window should now be unmaximized (Issue: 106967)

Hide panels in presence of full screen app for windows. (Issue: 102731)

Provide windows notification of thread termination (Issues: 107974, 103209)

Abort in-flight load tasks if the DB has been closed. (Issue: 106722)


Native Client applications should now work on Linux systems where /dev/shm is mounted with the “noexec” option, such as Gentoo (r113228).

Fixed issue where Google Chrome does not start on RHEL 6 and derivative Linux distributions. (r116534)

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