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Eyes on: Razer gaming tablet


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Razer just announced their "Project Fiona" tablet, and we tracked it down on the floor at Consumer Electronics Show to get a quick eyes-on of the real deal.


This device is awesome. It was just announced by Razer during CES 2012, and we decided we're track it down on the floor to get an initial glimpse of one of the first actual gaming tablets that runs Windows.

In Razer's very first tablet, you won't see low powered Intel or ARM devices, no, you'll get the full power of an Intel i7 chip, some unannounced graphics chip and "ultra-precise accelerometers" which will provide a real gaming experience on the go. We're slightly scared to even ask how long the battery in this chunky device will last, but we'll find out more details soon.


You can get the full lowdown on the "Project Fiona" device here, and we'll have more information with a hands on come Thursday after our meet up with the Razer folks. We've heard that all going well, this one should hit the market by the end of 2012, and we can't help but feel like that timing coincides with Windows 8, which is designed for tablets anyway.

Hold tight for now and gawk at our pictures from behind the glass, we'll be back with more soon. If this thing will let us get some sort of keyboard/mouse attachment happening, and if they'll actually let us remove those controllers, this one might be on our Christmas list this year.



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