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SOPA Boycotting Made Easy with New Android App


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Having trouble keeping track of which companies you want to boycott to protest their support of the Stop Online Piracy Act? As the slogan goes, there’s an app for that…as long as you’re using an Android device.

The bluntly named Boycott SOPA app is described as a “free android application that you can use to scan bar codes to help identify if products are either created by or intimately related to SOPA supporting companies,” with over 800 companies and brands currently identified by the developers as SOPA-supporting (the 872 are available to view as a list, and feature some unexpected additions to previous lists, including actress Isabella Rossellini and pop stars Beyonce Knowles and Jennifer Lopez). In order for the app to work, users will need to download a barcode-scanning app to process and decode images.

The app’s website describes its creators as “two college kids that are unimpressed with the current SOPA bill and want to discourage it from getting passed in any way possible.” Whether or not that includes creating an iOS version of the app is unknown; after all, Apple’s iTunes does appear on the list of companies to boycott, so perhaps there’s some level of guilt by association.


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