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Analyst: 80 million Windows Phones will be sold in 2012


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If you're one of the few tech addicts without a smartphone yet, this year might be your time. A report published by Taiwanese firm MIC has predicted that overall smartphone sales will go up by 35.8% from last year, meaning 614 million smartphones will be making their way to pockets everywhere.

The news here is Windows Phone's predicted expansion, with 80 million devices expected to be sold running the recent OS. If MIC are right, it would give Windows Phone a 13% slice of the smartphone market. Android is expected to account for half of devices, while iOS will sit in the middle at a 19% cut.

The tech world has been eager to see how Windows Phone is going to fare in the years to come. Exposure from Nokia's marketing campaign will be sure to increase awareness among consumers, and positive reviews making appearances in the press will likely spark the interest of those looking for a break from the norm.

In Q3 of last year, Nielsen estimated that Windows Phone held a 1.2% market share of smartphones in the US. The OS is still relatively young however, and has plenty of time to earn its reputation. Android, for comparison's sake, had a 2.8% global smartphone market share at a similar point in its life (Q2 2009).

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