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I'm addicted to Diet Coke: Stockport dad drinks 18 cans every day


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Darren Jones, 38, is addicted to Diet Coke and downs 18 cans every day

Life is far from sweet for a dad who drinks an astonishing 42 litres of Diet Coke - every week.

Dad-of-two Darren Jones has been downing the equivalent of 18 cans a day for the last 10 years.

Darren, 38, said he started drinking Diet Coke as a teenager on Stockport market and gradually increased his intake.

He opted for the diet variety rather than standard Coca Cola because he prefers the taste.

Now he says he can't get enough of it – and admits it has begun to dominate his life.

Darren said: “I don't really drink anything else.

“I read about a woman who gets through 10 litres a week and I thought: 'I have more than double that'.

"When I don't have it my family say I'm a nightmare to be around.”

Darren, who gets through two three-litre bottles a day, says he won't let his children Abbie, seven, and James, six, drink Diet Coke at all.

He takes a small bottle with him everywhere he goes so he is never without the drink.

Darren – of Keston Crescent, Brinnington - says his huge intake of Diet Coke hasn't caused him any medical or dental problems.

Dr Vicci Owen-Smith, NHS Stockport's deputy director of public health, said: "Diet Coke is sweetened with the artificial sweetener aspartame and contains caffeine.

“Too much of either of these chemicals may cause harm.

“I would advise trying to cut down on the amount he drinks but not stopping suddenly."

A Coca Cola spokesperson said: "Individual nutritional needs must always be considered when deciding how much of any food or beverage is “right” for you. Drinking more than 6 litres of any liquid exceeds guidance on daily fluid intakes by agencies such as the Food Standards Agency.

"Coca-Cola has a variety of drinks in a range a pack sizes. Our packaging clearly shows caffeine, calorie and sugar content in relation to recommended daily guidelines.

"For those who prefer beverages made without sugar or caffeine, Coca-Cola offers a variety of options that give people choice, including many sugar-free and caffeine-free products. All of our drinks can be enjoyed in moderation as a part of a healthy diet and active lifestyle."

This is sad... stay off that coke!


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18 2 liters? that basically 36 gals of liquid a day. no wonder he is fat

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18 2 liters? that basically 36 gals of liquid a day. no wonder he is fat

Your reading or math ability is failing you terribly. It amazes me how you manage to misread both the title and the first sentence of the story. Unless, there are 2-liter sized cans where you live..

To clarify, It's 18 cans(or close to 6 liters) a day. I think he will be dead if he drank 36 gallons of any type of liquid a day, everyday.


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For me it was goodbye alcohol, hello diet coke. :rockon:

I guess :stupid: .

Just makes me wonder what happened to the 'diet' part of the coke to this guy. ;)

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