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New Google Chrome beta adds web pre-loading feature


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The newest public beta version of Google's Chrome web browser includes a new feature that will actually pre-load a web site with a new auto-complete URL design.

No matter how fast your Internet connection is or how fast your web browser is, we all want web pages to load even faster than they currently can. Now a new public beta version of Google's Chrome web browser has been released that has a new trick that could give the appearance, at least, of speeding up your web browsing experience.

As reported by ReadWriteWeb.com, the beta version actually starts pre-loading a web page even before you finish typing the web page's URL. Basically, if you visit certain web sites a lot, the browser will auto-complete the URL and start pre-loading the web page in the background. In theory, this should cut down on the wait times for some web pages.

In addition to the new web page pre-load feature, the new Chrome beta also has a new way for users to avoid downloading the always pesky malware attacks from certain web sites. Basically, the beta version can now check out executable files that users download and warn user if any of them might not be what they first appear to be.

We are not sure if the pre-loading feature will work as advertised all of the time, especially with web sites that cover news all of the time. However, any browser that can keep us from installing malware is OK by us.

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