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Video: Developer pairs robot with gaming controllers for remote cat grooming, affection expression


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You could take the time to make your cat feel loved. Or you could augment a robot to do it for you. Software engineer Taylor Veltrop has accomplished this by combining a 21-inch-tall Nao robot, a few Wiimotes, a Kinect sensor bar, a treadmill and a head-mounted display. The configuration, which represents about a year's work and several thousand dollars in parts, uses the Kinect and Wii remotes to control the robot's arms, the sensor bar and treadmill to provide movement and the head-mounted display to move the Nao's head and adjust its camera angle. This is still a work in progress, and doesn't include things like two-way audio, which Veltrop plans to implement using an integrated microphone and speakers. Click past the break for a video of robotic feline grooming action.

I think this is stunningly impressive ;)

Time for a robot death match.



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Are we seeing the next step in our evolution?

Taking that to the next step, chip implants that

will allow you to control your very own robot. Think

about it, you could send the robot to work while you

stay home...hmmmm

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