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BBC iPlayer Coming To A Wii Near You


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zyhctd.pngIn a turn that has shocked Sony's entertainment department to the core, Nintendo and BBC have announced that they have struck a deal to broadcast television shows straight into a Wii console sitting at home, making a mockery of both Sony's and Microsoft's claims that their console are true multimedia machines.

So why not the PS3 or Xbox 360? Well according to the BBC's Future and Technology Group Coordinator Erik Huggers "If you want to get on the PlayStation or Xbox, they want control of the look, the feel and the experience; they want it done within their shop, and their shop only,". Microsoft and Sony appear to have lost out on a big deal here, and will have struggle to compete in the UK for a multimedia minded public after failing to beat a console that doesn't even play DVDs.

The hugely successful iPlayer, has apparently beamed-out over 42-million television shows since its launch 3 months ago and will appear as a channel on the Wii's home screen. The service recently came under scrutiny by regulator Ofcom who say that someone is going to have to pay for the upgrades to the broadband network which they are being forced to make due to the huge demand BBC iPlayer, with the figure expecting to be around £830million ($1660million).

Sadly the service is only available in the UK, so as soon as the service comes live, only UK Wii owners will be notified via a service message. And the final word from BBC's technology blogger - "Nintendo has gone a step closer to achieving what many companies are working at - namely, bridging the gap between the web and the TV". Well done Nintendo.

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While the PS3 isn't officially supported yet you can still view iplayer on it.

There's a coder known as Ixalon who has created an unofficial site that spoofs the Wii's agent and manipulates the iPlayer site's Java and CSS so PS3 owners in the UK can use iplayer.

You can visit the unofficial iPlayer site at: hxxp://www.ps3iplayer.com/

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