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Yahoo Takeover Bid Takes Dramatic Turn


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(CBS/AP) Yahoo Inc.'s last-ditch efforts to avoid a takeover by Microsoft Corp. appear to be setting the stage for a dramatic finale featuring a rich cast of Internet and media stars.

Eager to frustrate Microsoft in any way possible, Internet search leader Google Inc. has already agreed to help out Yahoo by participating in an unusual test that will gauge how much more advertising Google can sell for its struggling rival.

The two-week experiment announced Wednesday will be limited to ads posted alongside a small percentage of Yahoo's online search results in the United States.

If Yahoo's maneuvering raises the pressure for a higher bid, Microsoft reportedly may mount its counterattack with a surprising ally - Rupert Murdoch's News Corp., whose media empire already includes the Fox television networks, The Wall Street Journal and the popular online hangout MySpace.com.

If Microsoft and News Corp. were successful in a joint bid, it would unite three of the Internet's most popular Web sites - Yahoo, along with MySpace and MSN.com.

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I hope that Yahoo can survive on its own. For one I don't want Microsoft nor Fox to have any part of Yahoo--to me they are both the big evil giants.

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One scary thing there in that article seems to be Microsoft and MySpace together.

I like Google, but I have had successful searchs with Yahoo too, so nothing against them. Hope they do well!

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