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New glasses-free 3D smartphone and tablet to debut at CES


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A company called MasterImage 3D has revealed it will show off both a new smartphone and a new tablet at CES 2012 that will feature glasses-free 3D features at 720p resolution.

While glasses-free 3D is no longer new (the Nintendo 3DS and a few smartphones have this feature now) a company called MasterImage 3D claims to be developing two portable devices that will bring such features in higher definition. Joystiq reports that the company will show both a 4.3 inch smartphone and a 10.1 inch tablet at CES 2012 in early January that will have 720p resolution screens for 3D viewing.

A quick check of the MasterImage 3D company web site says that the Hollywood, California based company has developed 3D technology for use in movie theaters in the past. Tech details about MasterImage 3D's smartphone and tablet are scarce at this point but Joystiq's article claims that both products will use the company's Cell-Matrix Parallax Barrier Technology in order to create "brighter images, reduced moiré effects (or rippled appearance) and the ability to work in any orientation -- portrait or landscape."

The idea of playing a 3D game on a screen as big as a tablet with no need to wear glasses is certainly eye-opening, to coin a phrase. Hopefully we will learn more about MasterImage 3D's plans for these products, including pricing and a launch date, in the very near future.

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