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avast! v4.8.1169 Home Edition Final


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The simple home solution to great protection

avast! antivirus Home Edition represents the best antivirus protection non-commercial, home use.

It is designed to protect your valuable data and programs, as well as keep itself up-to-date. It also comes with the kind of built-in features that many vendors charge for additionally, or don't include at all such as anti-spyware, anti-rootkit and strong self-protection. Simply install and forget. To download avast! antivirus Home Edition for free, click here.

All-inclusive and comprehensive protection avast! antivirus Home Edition includes ANTI-SPYWARE protection, certified by the West Coast Labs Checkmark process, and ANTI-ROOTKIT DETECTION based on the best-in class GMER technology. No additional purchase is required.

Simple to use and automated Just install and go. Automatic incremental updates means that avast! antivirus keeps itself up to date to provide continuous protection of your computer. We've made avast! as simple to use as possible.

Tried and Trusted With over 50 million users of avast!, you can rest assured that you are using one of the most tried and trusted products in Windows security. We support more Windows versions (from Windows 95 to Vista 64 Bit) than any other anti-malware product. No matter what system you have, avast! has it covered.

Version 4.8.1169

March 29, 2008

* avast! now contains a built-in anti-rootkit protection

* avast! now comes with a built-in anti-spyware protection

* new self-defense function to prevent active malware from terminating avast! processes as well as corrupting avast! files and registry items

* scanners now display a progress of current scan (percentage of work done)

* fixed a vulnerability in AavmKer4.sys kernel-mode driver (problem applies to Windows NT/2000/XP, 32-bit only); special thanks to Tobias Klein

* improvements in boot-time scanner (detection & removal of hidden or hard to delete files)

* boot-time scanner will not start when booting into Safe Mode (the program was "invisible" in that case, no progress/messages could be seen)

* improvements in many unpackers

* ACE and RAR unpackers now work even in boot-time scanner

* IM Shield: added support for QQ

* improvements in handling of NTFS streams

* Internet Mail provider now displays the name of the sending/receiving program in the tooltip of its taskbar icon

* implemented a protection against false positives in critical system files

* removed a small memory leak in one of avast! drivers (Windows Vista and XP 64-bit only)

* added support for 64-bit WHS connector (available in WHS Power Pack 1)

* greatly improved performance of the updater, especially in cases where many increments are being downloaded (e.g. avast! installations with outdated virus definitions)

* silent installation now also includes scheduled tasks, if any

* resolved a compatibility issue with Acronis TrueImage (XP 64-bit only)

* compatibility tests with Vista SP1 and XP SP3





FREE license key

free registration of avast! 4 Home Edition

Welcome to the free registration of avast! Home Edition, the ultimate antivirus for home, non-commercial use. Both conditions should be met! For commercial environments, please use another product - avast! Professional Edition.
avast! 4 Home Edition works for 60 days after the installation in demo mode. You will obtain your FREE license key by E-mail after the registration. The license key is valid for 1 year. After one year you will need to just re-register.

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I've used avast! for a while. Really like it. Used Norton-Symantec system brake before that.

When I installed the new version, it caught a rootkit that NOTHING else has caught. I let it do a boot check, after it informed me it had found the rootkit, and it found and removed the problem from the system restore files too.

I have absolutely no idea why someone would pay for an anti-virus when avast! is so good.

This version is very highly recommended!

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me too i like it too i am using it with ESS

i have avast! v4.8.1169 PRO Edition letest keygen which work 100%


if anyone want it pm me

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