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Motherboard Recommendation


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Want to buy new MB and will use it with the following items I currently have; also I do no gaming...appreciate all input:

Cpu....... amd 2+ 5000 to 6400

Mem....... ddr667 or 800

HD...... ide 200gb, 100gb, and 2 80gb; no sata now but?

DVD/rw....... Samsung 20x ide mdl

video card..... nvidia agp 8x not sure if this works in pci 16x or if I need to buy new card

everything else fits standard pci slots but with a lot of onboard usb2 ports I would not need one slot; maybe just 3 or 4 pci regular slots

normally I use racks for the HDs so would have no more than 2 hds connected at a time.


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