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Looking for a movie


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Name: The Feverman

Show: Monsters Tv Series

Air Date: 1988 (yeah I know it's old)

well if anyone can find this I would be grateful :sneaky:

if you can remember this series and I bet most of you do....if anyone can find this episode since it's ep 1 of season 1....plx pm me the links...

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sent pm...emule links though...



p.s..just started the download for ya incase you have issues with the link,etc..hopefully its exactly what you wanted...

Monsters S01E01 The Feverman.avi

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  • 3 weeks later...

sorry 4 the delay mate but i just started it again and lucky enough theres a source so its going smooth atm...

ill keep ya updated if/when its done.. :cheers:

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