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Eset SysInspector


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Eset SysInspector lets you find out about the network connections, important registry entries, services, drivers, and system information in your PC. So basically this is somewhat similar to task manager but the most important thing about this software is it will show you the risk level of the running processes, loaded DLL’s registry keys etc… What this program lacks is that even if it does show information according to risk level it doesn’t give you clear detail about the risk level. So this program is useful for troubleshooting purposes but only as an information collecting tool. The reason for this is the program only gathers the information but doesn’t let you edit or change any of those(According to Eset is it what you call a “read-only” program). Any changes should be done manually.



SysInspector currently supports Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista 32bit and 64bit versions. This program doesn’t require installation as it comes in a single executable file which can be run from anywhere.

Download links for Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista

Download Eset SysInspector Version (32Bit)

Download Eset SysInspector Version (64Bit)

Note: SysInspector is still in beta (but that doesn’t mean it its bad)

view.gif Source: DotNetWizzard

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