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Flash on the iPhone, one step closer, one step back...


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Yesterday Adobe’s CEO Shantanu Narayan commented on Flash on the iPhone and pretty much said it’d happen; this is what he said:

QUOTE (Shantanu Narayan @ Yesterday 18th March 2008)
“Well, you know, we really believe that Flash is synonymous with the Internet and frankly anybody who wants to browse the Web and experience the Web in all its glory really needs Flash support. I mean, we were very excited about the announcement from Windows mobile adoption of Flash on their devices and the fact that we’ve shipped a half billion devices now, non-PC devices — so we’re also committed to bringing the Flash experience to the iPhone and we’ll work with Apple. We’ve evaluated the SDK we can now start to develop the Flash Player ourselves. And, we think it benefits our joint customers so we want to work with Apple to bring that capability to the device.”

But today Adobe made an official statement, contradicting a few things Narayan didn’t mention, the main thing being Apple would need to give Adobe special rights to allow Flash on the iPhone OS. This is their official statement:

QUOTE (Adobe @ Today 19th March 2008)
“Adobe has evaluated the iPhone SDK and can now start to develop a way to bring Flash Player to the iPhone. However, to bring the full capabilities of Flash to the iPhone web-browsing experience we do need to work with Apple beyond and above what is available through the SDK and the current license around it. We think Flash availability on the iPhone benefits Apple and Adobe’s millions of joint customers, so we want to work with Apple to bring these capabilities to the device.”

So will Flash be on the iPhone? Probably, but it’s still in the air and Apple would have to want to have it on the iPhone in order for it to go ahead.

view.gif Source: Mike Downey's (Group Manager of Platform Evangelism at Adobe) Blog

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Cool phones do need flash... last time i was looking for flash players to get on my phone to go to some site <_< but the iPhone is pretty cool

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