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Software Calculates Carbon Footprint


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Enterprises looking to calculate their carbon footprint have been offered a helping hand by British software company, Access Accounting. The company has incorporated a tool within its accounting package that will enable enterprises to assess the carbon footprint of individual users or departments within the company.

Stuart Allsop, Access's director of innovation, said the software would be able to calculate factors such as the number of carbon emissions used up by salespeople on the road or by executives flying on business trips.

"All the data has been provided to us by DEFRA (the department for environment, food and rural affairs) and supports industry-standard GHG (green house gas) protocols. There is no requirement for the user to do anything as all the data is provided as automatically."

He added that the software would also indicate the power consumed by individual departments but said that if there were no individual bills for each business unit, then the values for each unit -- the percentage of power used up -- would have to be assigned manually to calculate the impact.


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