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Help with my google chrome


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hey guys.

I am new to nsane.forum, and I am really into technology software's and hardware's. But recently I having problems with google chrome. Its does update perfectly and runs well, but when I watch videos for long time its gets freeze and then I have to close browser and start all over again. I have ran registry cleaner and spyware software but still nothing is happing...I though about reinstallating chrome browser again but I might lose all my bookmarks...

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Did you try other browsers? IE9, Firefox, Opera... (make sure you install the latest Flash Player). If the same freezing is happening during the other browsers, then try to stress-test the GPU with Furmark/OCCT to see if it doesn't overheat. The CPU could also overheat, so you might need to stress-test it too.

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If you want to re-install Chrome, then enable Sync in the Options/personal stuff.

You may very well need to make a Google profile, if you don't already have one. After you make one, or log in, choose to sync everything.

Then, when you reinstall, and login to your sync profile, Google will automatically re-download all of your extensions (I believe that only applies to actual extensions, not Greasemonkey scripts), as well as bookmarks.

If, however, you wish to sync them with another browser, or do not want to make a Google account, you need a third-party app like Xmarks, which has add-ons for practically every browser, and is also free. After you've made an account there, and synchronised, you can re-install and/or change your browser, retrieving your data by installing the appropriate browser version of the Xmarks add-on.

Hope this helps!! ;)

P.S. You may also try Googling the problem, I've found that Google forums can very often shed some light on such matters.

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