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Microsoft planning to combat Windows Phone app piracy with new encryption


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Windows Phone Marketplace

Microsoft is planning to combat the recent spate of Windows Phone app piracy with new server side encryption, according to reports.

The current state of the Windows Phone Marketplace allows users to download XAP application packages direct from Microsoft’s servers and sideload them using the ChevronWP7 labs tool or Microsoft’s official developer unlock. The practice allows users to pirate applications based on the acquisition of a XAP file. A number of developers have been left frustrated after having their XAP files made available to download freely.

Ars Technica reports (via WPCentral) that this is about to change. Windows Phone 7.5 “Mango” includes support for a new type of application encryption that prevents the piracy seen today. Microsoft is reportedly waiting to ensure that the majority of Windows Phone users have upgraded to Windows Phone 7.5 “Mango” before enabling the encryption support. The support will wrap XAP packages in a new layer of protection, preventing them from being sideloaded after they are published and downloaded from the Marketplace.

Nokia’s Music and Maps applications have both been ripped from their Lumia devices and ported over to non-Nokia devices. The Finnish handset maker is reportedly sending out cease and desist notices to sites involved in hosting the pirated applications. Nokia ships a Maps, Drive and Music application exclusively on its Windows Phone devices.

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One of the reasons I'll never buy an Windows Phone (unless it gets as mainstream as Windows on desktop).

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I don't follow.

How can people pirate apps on their Windows Phone if they don't have one?

Did they train monkeys to pirate Microsoft stuff now?

Really, I don't understand... All humans, please raise your hand if you have a Windows Phone and explain why you didn't get an Android phone or an iPhone. Thanks.

...the majority of Windows Phone users have upgraded to Windows Phone 7.5 “Mango”...

Wait, the majority? That must mean there's more than two people using a Windows Phone... Because if 1/1 updated then it would be all of them, if 1/2 updated then it would not be a majority, so there must be at least 3 people using a Windows Phone!!!


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