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Get A free VPN Beta account from VPNOD (Free Account)


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[Giveaway] Get A free VPN Beta account from VPNOD (Free Account)

Hey friends this time we came up with an interesting Giveway for you guys. We are happy to announce you that

VPNOD is providing Free VPN account as a promotion for its service.

VPN or Virtual Private Network is a mechanism which provides secure and reliable data transport over Internet. This is more suitable for people who are using internet in a restricted network. VPNs allow users to bypass regional internet restrictions such as firewalls, and web filtering, by “tunneling” the network connection to a different region. It does the same thing as a web proxy does but the difference is , unlike proxy where you need to visit a site to surf anonymously whereas in VPN you just have to connect your computer to your VPN account using your internet connection and then surf anonymously from another IP address. The advantage that you get in VPN over proxy is that you can even run javascripts , flash player, surf and download from file sharing sites like mediafire, etc and other browser services which many proxy sites fail to provide. VPN can be used to bypass School/College/Institutions network restrictions and is the best way to bypass or surf anonymously without blockage if even proxy sites are also not accessible.

VPNODs free service is available only during its beta period and the account may or may not be free after the beta period is over. So grab your Beta Period Free VPN account As soon as you can.

How To Get Your Free VPN beta account from VPNOD

  1. First of all you need to Login to your Email Account (eg: Gmail,Yahoo,Hotmail) and Compose A new Email.
  2. In the TO Field type : “[email protected]
  3. In the Subject Field type : “vpnod
  4. Now Send the Email (Its not necessary to add any Content in the body of the Email)

If you have followed the above steps correctly you will get an Email Reply instantly showing your Account Details which includes your username ,password and also links to various tutorials showing how to setup the VPN account in your OS and terms of condition as shown in the figure below.


If you liked this Giveway please let us know by Liking and Following our Facebook page and Twitter Page . You can even share this post’s links with your friends so that they may also utilize this Giveway and get their own Free Beta VPN accounts.

Have fun :)

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what can we do with it ?

i just get a free vpn and have logged in (connected)

what can you do with it?

Why Should I Use A VPN?

Virtual Private Network(VPN) is a type of network technology that allows communication between 2 computers or groups of computers via a public channel, usually the internet.

You may have this question now: Why Should I Use a VPN?

1. For Security

Everyone can use a little more security, a VPN accountgives you exactly that. When you create a private virtual tunnel between your computer and the VPN server, and surf the internet from there, your VPN account is giving you a layer of security you did not have before.

2. For A Virtual Firewall

How can a VPN prevent a direct attack on your computer? Attacks are often directed directly at your known IP address. With a VPN account your home computer IP will not be see, the VPN server IP will be the IP address. Luckily the VPN server is behind some of the best known hardware and engineers in the industry who monitor activity diligently and make sure the VPN server is protected.

3. Anonymous Surfing

A VPN connection enables you to surf the Internet without anyone knowing your true IP. IP's are often tracked and traced in order forms, websites, and for malicious purposes. If you are using a VPN, the VPN IP will be tracked, instead of your IP and origin country.

4. Hot Spot Users Preventing Password Sniffers

Hot Spots can be found everywhere today, which is very convenient but also dangerous. Hot Spot hackers are on the rise, it's far too easy now for criminals to do. Using a VPN will prevent Hot Spot sniffing devices from viewing your logins, passwords and private data.

5. International Users Blocked by Government Control

Americans living and surfing the Internet overseas are often frustrated by the controls of the governments where they reside. China is a country with strict control on what web sites you can surf, and even if you can use a VOIP service provider. Having a VPN account will allow you to bypass the controls.

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I had one of these for a few months now, only use it when I want to get hulu on my internet TV. Works well for me in UK here.... The TV never stops to buffer on anything like that so its thumbs up from me. Only used it about 10 times though :D

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