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The Humble Voxatron Debut


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Pay what you want. Voxatron normally costs $15, but we're letting you set the price!

Voxatron works great on Mac, Windows, and Linux.

Be the first to tackle this voxel-based, old-school-gone-new platform shooter. Jump into the Voxatron alpha and shoot your way through twenty challenging areas filled with blocky baddies, destructible toys, and palliative powerups.



You can support charity. Choose exactly how your purchase is divided: between the developers, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and the Child's Play Charity. Also, if you like this deal, a tip to the Humble Bundle itself would be much appreciated!

Edit. 2 great indie games have now been added to the list. Im surprised as they are very popular. The Binding Of Isaac is doing great on Steam with many high scoring reviews.

Totally worth getting if you haven't yet B)

Blocks That Matter

The Binding of Isaac

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I got it. Really funny game at all, if you like minecraft, you will like this one, too.

Thanks for the info. :)

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It does look interesting. Purchased but not played yet, watched a couple of videos though. Im sure they're trying to give it a Minecraft feel with an Alpha release and free upgrades. It will sell well as a Humble jobbie. Hope it becomes as big as Minecraft ;) Looks like just a shooter atm, maybe it can evolve. :lol:

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All I can say is this game is damn hard :lol: Anyone looking for a challenging game should try it. Although Binding of Isaac is even harder. I suck at these :rolleyes:

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