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  • Windows Terminal v1.12.1098 brings refreshed Windows 11 UI, fixes Windows 10 crash issue


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    The refreshed Windows 11 UI for Windows Terminal is now generally available with the latest general release of Windows Terminal v1.12.1098. There is also now a pre-installation kit available for system integrators (SIs) and OEMs who would like to bundle Windows Terminal in their prebuilts.


    Alongside these, Terminal v1.12.1098 brings several bug fixes and other changes and improvements. The full changelog is given below:




    • The refreshed Windows 11 UI from the 1.13 preview builds is now available in 1.12!


    Bug Fixes


    • Appearance
    • Our Maximize/Restore button is now a fine round boi (#12660)




    • The profile list in the Settings UI now offers tooltips for long profile names (#12448)
    • We'll automatically focus the window renamer textbox when it opens (#12798)
    • High contrast will no longer result in a ridiculous and bad titlebar color (#12839)
    • When you delete a color scheme, we'll move focus back to the color scheme list (#12841)
    • When you delete a profile, we will re-focus the delete button automatically (#12558)
    • Two instances of huge debug log spam with a screen reader connected have been stamped out (#12698) (#12723)




    • We've added some text to the color schemes page indicating that it is for editing--not setting--color schemes (#12663)
    • We're working to refine how color schemes are set and edited, so stay tuned for future improvements!
    • The retro terminal effect (as well as other shaders) will now work on pre-D3D11 hardware! (#12677)
    • Terminal will once again render properly when you move between different-DPI displays (#12713) (#12749)
    • Resizing the window while a background color or underline is displayed will no longer smear it across the whole screen (#12637) plus a fix for a huge crash that PR introduced (#12853)
    • It took us three releases to get it right, but we've finally solved the issue where we'd punch a hole straight through the Terminal when a dialog appeared (#12840)




    • Typing an invalid background image path into the Settings UI will no longer send Terminal to a farm upstate (#11542) (thanks @serd2011!)
    • There was an issue on Windows 11 where Terminal would queue up billions of animations while the screen was off; it will now no longer do so (#12820)
    • We've fixed crashes in ProposeCommandline (#12838), Monarch::_GetPID (#12856) and other parts of WT's RPC infrastructure (#12825)
    • On Windows 10, the settings UI will no longer sometimes crash on close (we've updated to a new build of WinUI 2 for the fix!) (#12847)




    • Windows will no longer reject certain Terminal updates/reinstalls due to "differing package content" (#12779)
    • Fragments can once again override the names of generated profiles (#12627)
    • An issue from the 1073 series, where you could not upgrade the bundle using DISM, has been resolved (#12819)
      • As a result, our bundle version is now over three thousand!
    • @dmezh contributed some wording changes to the text about transparency/opacity (#12592) (#12727) (thanks!)


    You can download Windows Terminal v1.12.1098 package(s) on to its GitHub page here or from the Microsoft Store here.



    Windows Terminal v1.12.1098 brings refreshed Windows 11 UI, fixes Windows 10 crash issue

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