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  • The latest Chrome Beta lets you reorder your tabs with the power of your keyboard


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    Soon, you won’t need your mouse for browsing at all anymore

    Chrome Beta 102 landed last week, but we haven’t uncovered everything new in it just yet. As it turns out, the new version of Chrome makes it possible to reorder tabs with keyboard shortcuts on Mac and Windows. The feature was previously only available on Linux and is now finally making its way to all desktop versions of the browser, save for Chrome OS (or chromeOS, if you will).


    While you can easily reorder tabs using your mouse (just drag and drop the tab in question left or right to slot it in the desired place), many power users prefer to do as much as possible using keyboard shortcuts. The logic for both Windows and macOS follows the same that was long introduced in Linux. To move a tab, you need to hit ctrl+shift and page up or page down, depending on which direction you want to move the tab.


    On the regular MacBook keyboard, page up or page down can be accessed by holding down the fn key and hitting arrow up or down, so you will in essence have to pair ctrl+shift+fn with arrow up or down. Many Windows laptops will require similar workarounds, depending on what keyboard layout they offer.


    While we have only been able to confirm this new behavior on macOS, Redditor Leopeva64 (who tipped us about this) offers a screen recording that shows off the keyboard shortcut in use on Windows. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the keyboard shortcut is functional on Chrome OS just yet, where we haven’t been able to reproduce the shortcut under Dev version 102.0.4992.0.


    To get started with these keyboard shortcuts yourself, you just need to install the latest Chrome Beta release on your computer—or wait for the stable release of Chrome 102 later this month. Google’s browser is constantly under development, so be sure to check what’s new in every version of Chrome if you want to stay up to date.


    Source : https://www.androidpolice.com/chrome-102-reorder-tabs-with-keyboard-shortcuts/

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    The forum you posted your topic at is 

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    So, I don't see any security and privacy issues to discuss.  

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