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  • Telegram finally adds a download manager so you can keep track


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    Telegram has long been a convenient place to share files, there is basically no limit on the amount of content you can share but keeping track of what you’ve downloaded hasn't been particularly easy, that is, until today. In its latest update, Telegram introduces a new download manager which can be accessed from a new icon that will appear in the Search bar.


    By tapping the downloads icon in the Search bar or the Downloads tab in Search, you can access a full list of your downloads. You can pause and resume downloads and increase the priority of particular downloads so they’re completed first.





    Also introduced in this update is a new attachment menu. When sending multiple photos or videos, you can tap ‘… selected’ at the top of the panel to see how the album will look in the chat, you can rearrange or remove items so the album looks better. On iOS, the attachment menu has been brought up to feature parity with Android, the camera option is now integrated into the gallery and a nav bar gives quick access to photos, files, location sharing, and more.


    For those of you using Night Mode on an Android device, you’ll notice that the headers have a transparency effect making the app look better while you scroll. A similar transparency effect has been in the iOS version of Telegram since June 2021 and the firm said this is one of the first Android apps to add this type of effect.



    On Android and macOS, Telegram has an improved login flow with new, smooth, animations. On Android you’ll be able to see your login digits slide into place and on macOS, there’s a Matrix code fall in the QR Code login screen. You can see each of the animations below:




    The last big change is the introduction of live streaming with other apps. Now, Groups and Channels will be able to connect with tools like OBS Studio and Xsplit Broadcaster so that streamers can create their own professional TV channel right in Telegram. To begin, start a new Video Chat in your group or a Live Stream in your channel and press ‘Start With’ where you can find information for connecting your specialist software. People who want to tune in must also be running the latest Telegram update.



    Telegram should update automatically in the coming days but you can check your respective app store to see if you can manually install the update.



    Telegram finally adds a download manager so you can keep track

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