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  • Microsoft explains the design improvements in Windows 11


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    Microsoft explains the design improvements in Windows 11


    In a blog post on Medium, the Microsoft Design team explained their design goals for Windows 11.


    They note the designs for Windows 11 is focused on people, how computing can empower them, and what they love.


    This involved  85+ research studies and tens of thousands of testing rounds, and engagement with long-time Windows fans and also new customers who wanted Windows to be easier to use and more approachable.

    Calm technology

    The key theme is calm technology that makes our lives genuinely better.




    They note that Windows 11 soften a familiar UI that was previously intimidating, and increased emotional connection.

    The new Start Menu

    The Start Menu was now moved to a centrepiece position, was cleaner and simpler and prioritised the apps people used and the documents they needed. It is also more adaptable to a variety of screen sizes.


    It also featured animations to add delight and confidence to the interaction. Windows 11 also included some very thoughtful touches such as including wallpaper which emphasized the new centred design.



    Staying in the flow

    Microsoft says windowing and snapping have been redesigned to remember your preferences so when you leave your work brain for a moment to check the news (the new Widgets were intentionally designed to respect your workflow), the system remembers how you organized your space.


    Microsoft also updated Windows 11 with a new design language that makes Windows more coherent than ever across experiences.




    The new UI is also softer, friendlier, and less intimidating, with rounded sharp corners and a warmer colour palette, intended to build a more human and approachable language that doesn’t get in the way of your productivity.


    Microsoft says they intend Windows 11 to be more than just an operating system but a fabric woven into our lives that brings us closer to everything we love and helps us create and connect.



    Microsoft explains the design improvements in Windows 11

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