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  • Microsoft Edge now has more than 10% of the desktop browser market share


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    Although the original Edge was a solid browser with unique features, good efficiency, and superior optimizations for computers with touchscreens, its proprietary engine was causing all sorts of compatibility issues. Because of that, the browser struggled to get traction and never made it past single-digit market share values. Stuck in the "no users because developers do not support and developers do not support because no users" loop, Microsoft pulled the plug on the original Edge in 2019.


    Seven years since its introduction and more than two years after switching to Chromium, Microsoft Edge is finally making slow but steady progress. According to the latest data from StatCounter, Microsoft's browser crossed the 10% mark in April 2022.


    StatCounter claims Microsoft Edge managed to gain 0.42 points and reach the magical 10.07%. Of course, it is still a far cry from Chrome with its massive 66.64% (-0.65), but enough for Edge to claim the "second most popular browser" title.


    Apple's Safari holds third place in the desktop browser market with a 9.61% share (+0.05), and Firefox is fourth with 7.86% (+0.29).


    1. Google Chrome - 66.64% (-0.65)
    2. Microsoft Edge - 10.07% (+0.42)
    3. Apple Safari - 9.61% (+0.05)
    4. Mozilla Firefox - 7.86% (+0.29)
    5. Opera - 2.43% (-0.38)


    There are no major changes in the mobile browser market. Chrome and Safari hold together almost 90%, and other manufacturers made little to no progress in April 2022.


    1. Google Chrome - 63.57% (-0.02)
    2. Apple Safari - 24.82% (-0.01)
    3. Samsung Internet - 4.90% (+0.00)
    4. Opera - 1.88% (+0.00)
    5. UC Browser - 1.41% (+0.00)


    Source: StatCounter



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