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  • Edge 113 is now available in the Dev Channel with new features, fixes, and policies


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    Microsoft Edge version 113 is now available for testing in the Dev Channel. Build 113.0.1774.3 includes the updated Sidebar with the ability to remove the Bing button, new filters in the address bar, improved image editing tools, and more. There are also traditional bugfixes (lots of them) and new policies for enterprise customers.

    What is new in Edge Dev 113.0.1774.3?

    New features:


    • Now you can edit images from the context menu or visual search menu.
    • Added Show Discover option in the Sidebar settings.
    • Added filter options in the address bar.




    • Added Wallpaper Center.




    New policy: (Note: Updates to documentation and administrative templates may not have occurred yet)


    • Added EdgeLockedViewModeEnabled policy.
    • Added PDFRestoreView policy.
    • Added New PDF viewer policy.
    • Added policy to disable quick action menu on iOS.
    • Added policy to always show Downloads button on toolbar.
    • Added policy to disable the Read Aloud feature.


    Improvements and fixes:


    • Fixed browser crash when clicking on the Cancel button from the sign-in dialog.
    • Fixed browser crash when removing a site from Sidebar.
    • Fixed browser crash when clicking on Quit app from the Sidebar’s context menu while playing a video.
    • Fixed browser crash when launching the browser.
    • Fixed browser crash when opening InPrivate window.
    • Fixed browser crash when clicking on Create new workspace button.
    • Fixed browser crashing when launching.
    • Fixed browser crash when playing a video in certain scenarios.
    • Fixed browser crash when ungrouping a tab after changing the group colour or title.
    • Fixed browser crash related to WebAuthn Conditional Mediation request.




    • Fixed browser crash when opening Favorites while in the InPrivate tab.
    • Fixed browser crash when closing an InPrivate tab.


    Other changes:


    • Fixed the middle click on the Extensions toolbar button not opening the Extensions page.
    • Fixed Open link in New Tab and Open link in New Windows opening twice.
    • Fixed the disabled Copy link button in Workspace.
    • Fixed web contents not scaling when maximizing a Workspace window.
    • Fixed missing Collections in certain scenarios.
    • Fixed DevTool device emulation not working.
    • Fixed Favorites bar Show icon only setting reset on browser restart.
    • Fixed rounded corner flags not working.
    • Fixed tabs merging together after turning off vertical tabs.
    • Fixed opening a blank page when clicking on Open link in new tab button From Sidebar pane header.
    • Fixed Outlook sidebar dark mode.
    • Fixed Sidebar mini music controls not displaying.
    • Fixed can’t open tab context menu when using touch.
    • Fixed the missing Picture-In-Picture overlay button in PWA.
    • Fixed Immersive reader not rendering Wikipedia pages correctly.
    • macOS:
    • Fixed the missing green Update arrow icon when there is an update.




    • Fixed Cancel, Done and Delete buttons not working when editing favorites.
    • Fixed always start with new tab settings not working correctly.
    • Fixed the New Tab Page displaying a white screen.




    • Fixed Remember my choice option not working when certain websites want to open external app.
    • Fixed MSA sync turned off after switching accounts.
    • WebView2:
    • WebMessageObject API has now been promoted from the experimental stage to public.
    • CookieManager API has now been promoted from the experimental stage to public.
    • Fixed Shift + Tab trapped focus inside WinForms (#2835)
    • Fixed application running WebView2 disappears unexpectedly (#3062)
    • Fixed Editable PDF form temp data are getting cached (#3274)


    Microsoft plans to release Edge 113 in the Beta Channel on the week of April 11, 2023. As for the Stable Channel, expect Edge 113 to land on the week of May 4, 2023. You can download Edge Dev 113 from the official website.



    Edge 113 is now available in the Dev Channel with new features, fixes, and policies

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