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  • 5 Safari browser tips to maximize your experience


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    Safari presents an array of functions and configurations, aiding users in web navigation and utilization. Furthermore, iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 harbor even more practical options for Safari Browser Tricks. As Apple's default web browser for Mac, iPhone, and iPad, Safari might be overlooked.


    However, it is worth exploring Safari's extensive features and settings. Standard provisions such as Private browsing, Reader view, and file downloading are readily available, but there is a wide selection of additional possibilities.

    Organize your tabs with ease

    Organize Open Tabs by tapping the Tabs icon on the tabs bar, allowing you to view all open tabs. Long-press a tab thumbnail and select Arrange Tabs By, followed by choosing to sort them by title or website. iPad users can access open tabs from the Sidebar icon, then press down on any thumbnail and select Arrange Tabs By to sort by title or website.


    Or if you have too many tabs, organize them into groups. The process varies slightly between iPhones and iPads. On an iPhone, tap the Tabs icon, then the X Tabs entry at the bottom. Choose New Empty Tab Group for a new group or New Tab Group from X Tabs to create a group from existing tabs. Name the group and tap Save. This group can now be accessed from the Tabs screen. On an iPad, tap the Sidebar icon and then the Tabs icon. Follow the same process to create and name your group.

    Capture the full webpage

    In previous versions of Safari, taking a screenshot on your mobile device would only capture the visible portion of a web page. However, with the latest update, you can now capture the entire page.


    To do so, take a screenshot as you normally would and open the preview thumbnail of the shot. Then, tap the Full Page tab located at the top of the preview to display the entire web page, even if it wasn't visible in the initial shot.

    No need to crop your images

    With the release of iOS 16 and iPadOS 16, Apple's Live Text feature now allows you to isolate and extract a foreground subject from an image, even on websites visited through Safari.


    To copy a subject from an image, simply find an image with the desired subject, press down on it, and select "Copy Subject" from the menu. You can then open an app, such as Mail or iMessage, where you can paste the image and insert the subject using the Paste function.


    You can isolate objects from pictures using the Copy Subject feature instead of cropping them

    Bookmark multiple tabs

    Instead of saving each individual open tab as a bookmark, you can save them all at once by pressing down on the Bookmark icon located at the top or bottom of your screen.


    From the drop-down menu, select "Add Bookmarks for X Tabs", where X is the number of open tabs you have. Name the folder that will contain the bookmarked tabs, and then tap "Save".

    Save your iPhone's RAM

    Safari has a tendency to accumulate numerous open tabs, causing the browser to become cluttered and difficult to navigate. To avoid this, you can set a time limit for when tabs will be automatically closed.


    Simply go to "Settings", select "Safari", and then choose "Close Tabs". From there, you can set a specific timeframe of one day, one week, or one month before tabs are closed automatically.




    5 Safari browser tips to maximize your experience

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