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    Windows hard drive defragmentation software has just taken a giant leap above and beyond any other defragmentation tool on the planet. With the new UltimateDefrag Version 4, you get all of the features of previous UltimateDefrag versions that you've come to find indispensable for defragging and optimizing your hard drive, plus a whole host of new powerful features that give you: 1. Even more power and control in optimizing your hard drive and 2. Clearly perceivable, faster Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 performance due to the hard drive optimization that UltimateDefrag allows.


    Changes in

    • Defragmenting files using the Windows shell now shows count of files remaining and fragments remaining
    • Upgrade version number of Boot time to be in sync with program version to avoid user confusion.
    • Minor tweaks and enhancements.





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    Note: This software only a free trial, and if you like it, support the software developer and buy it.


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