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  • VirtualBox 6.1.18 Build 142142

    VirtualBox is an application installed on an existing host operating system; within this application, additional operating systems can be loaded and run, each with its own virtual environment. For example, several Linux distributions can be hosted on a single machine running Windows XP; likewise, XP and Vista can run on a machine running Linux, and so on. There is a free for personal or evaluation use proprietary version and a GNU General Public License (GPL) version.


    Changes in 6.1.18:

    • Nested VM: Fixed hangs when executing SMP nested-guests under certain conditions on Intel hosts (bug #19315, #19561)
    • OCI integration: Cloud Instance parameters parsing is improved on import (bug #19156)
    • Network: UDP checksum offloading in e1000 no longer produces zero checksums (bug #19930)
    • Network: Fixed Host-Only Ethernet Adapter DHCP, guest os can not get IP on host resume (bug #19620)
    • NAT: Fixed mss parameter handing (bug #15256)
    • macOS host: Multiple optimizations for BigSur
    • Audio: Fixed issues with audio playback after host goes to sleep (bug #18594)
    • Documentation: Some content touch-up and table formatting fixes
    • Linux host and guest: Support kernel version 5.10 (bug #20055)
    • Solaris host: Fix regression breaking VGA text mode since version 6.1.0
    • Guest Additions: Fixed a build failure affecting CentOS 8.2-2004 and later (bug #20091)
    • Guest Additions: Fixed a build failure affecting Linux kernels 3.2.0 through 3.2.50 (bug #20006)
    • Guest Additions: Fixed a VM segfault on copy with shared clipboard with X11 (bug #19226)
    • Shared Folder: Fixed error with remounting on Linux guests




    Download | Windows

    Download Page | All OS

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