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  • Executor 1.0.4


    Executor is a multi-purpose launcher; a more advanced and customizable freeware Windows' run replacement. It automatically completes keywords and remembers previously used ones. It indexes Start Menu, Desktop and other paths on the system. Executor allows you to launch programs, shortcuts, documents, files, folders, websites and internet resources faster. Executor also allows you to customize its layout and even supports alpha-blending effects. Executor ships with a number of skins, and you can also make your own skins.


    Changes in 1.0.4:

    • Improved logic for the UWP Apps indexer in order for it to perform better and do less IO operations.
    • Added special command $FLUSHUWP$ this will force a full reindexing of UWP Apps and write number of items found. It's mostly for debugging (you have to create a keyword and insert the command into the keywords command if you want to try it out).





    Download Portable 32Bit

    Download Portable 64Bit


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