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  • SUPER 2020 Build 77

    SUPER is a Multimedia Encoder and a Multimedia Player, easy-to-use with one simple click. If you need a simple, yet very efficient tool to convert (encode) or play any Multimedia file, without reading manuals or spending long hours training, then SUPER is all you need. SUPER does NOT require any additional external codec to be installed, absolutely nothing. Necessary codecs are built in! SUPER can also play and save Internet Media Streams with different protocols ( mms, rtsp and http) SUPER is totally FREE to download and to use. It plays & converts very fast full length movies to any other format without any time or function limitation. NO trial or evaluation version of SUPER but one unique fully working version. It even supports formats for mobile phones, Nintentdo DS, PSP and many other gadgets.


    Changes in 2020 Build 77:

    • [Fix] various minor bugs reported by users
    • [UPDATE] various Video Codecs for Windows 10 latest update
    • [UPDATE] KOD86MIX engine for Windows 10 latest update






    Note: This software includes optional additional software.

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