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  • GrabIt 1.7.5 Build 1022 Beta 3


    GrabIt is one of the easiest binary Usenet downloaders in the world. With GrabIt you can search and download MP3 files, pictures, movies, software, games and more on USENET news servers, without downloading gigabytes of headers. The program features NZB file support, automatic batch downloading of multiple binaries at once, advanced error checking, filter options, multiple server support and more. You can also choose to save the downloaded files with a custom prefix and resume broken downloads. It can even shut down your computer for you when all downloads are completed. All features are controlled from an easy and intuitive interface.


    • Changes in GrabIt 1.7.5 Build 1022 Beta 3
    • Upgraded the bundled unrar version to 5.90;
    • Upgraded the bundled OpenSSL library to 1.0.2u;
    • Some small performance improvements.




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