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Macecraft PowerTools Lite 2011 Beta3


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Macecraft PowerTools Lite 2011 Beta3


Beta 3

What's New (compared to PowerTools Lite Beta2)

Bug fix: File > Backups > File > Close is not translated.

Bug fix: If you remove something, backup is created automatically, but if you open Settings window, it says user is always asked before a backup is created.

Bug fix: The tooltips of Main Window's health gauges are not correct.

Bug fix: The program can display items of certain Anti-Virus products even if the option to ignore all data relating to Anti-Virus products has been selected under Additional Safety tab.

Bug fix: Running the Clean and Fix My Computer doesn't always correctly update the PC and Registry health gauges of the Main Window.

Bug fix: The Backup tool can freeze when opened if you do not have any backups to list.

Improvement: When the program starts for the first time, it automatically uses a translation if one exists for the current language of the system.

Improvement: The About window is now final.

Improvement: Added support for command line parameters.

Improvement: The Clean and Fix My Computer now reports any files it fails to remove, for example due to Access Denied error.

Beta 2

What's New (compared to PowerTools Lite Beta1)

Bug fix: Clean and Fix My Computer's description cannot be translated.

Bug fix: Main window icons do not show any tool tips.

Bug fix: The files ...\Cache\ProgramDirs.dat and ...\Cache\SearchDirs.dat can contain empty lines.

Bug fix: The program creates UserActionLog.txt, even as the User Action Log feature does not exist in the program's User Interface.

Bug fix: The File menu of the Backup tool contains two Close options, clicking the first Close actually executes the Print feature.

Bug fix: Opening a tool window many times in a row causes its window caption to contain duplicate data.

Bug fix: If you change a backup's description in the Backup Tool the change shows in the list immediately. However, if you close the tool and start it again in the same session, the change no longer shows. It will show in a new session.

Bug fix: The program creates a file called "jv16PT_InitialSetup_debuglog.html", the file should be called "PTLite_InitialSetup_debuglog.html"

Improvement: Improved the program's ability to find temp files.

Improvement: Main Window's Help menu no longer shows the Report Bug feature if you are running a beta level software. For beta level software, you should use the Report Bug feature under the Main window's Debug menu.

Improvement: The icons of the Main Window are now centered.

Improvement: It's now possible to resize the Main Window smaller than before.

Improvement: Program's executable now has the correct new icon.

Beta 1

Release Notes:

* This is fully functional software.

* The icons used by the program are not yet final.

* The Download Handbook features of the setup or the program do not work yet (because the handbook is not ready yet)

What's New (compared to PowerTools Lite

* Comes with the registry cleaner engine of jv16 PowerTools 2011, with improved accuracy and 64 bit Windows support.

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