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Process Lasso v5.0.0.31


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Process Lasso v5.0.0.31


# [.31]Addition.GUI: Added ProBalance menu option 'Lower I/O priority during restraint' to options menu (was only in dialog before)

# [.31]Fix.Core: Fixed watchdog 'time over threshold' not beind adhered to in all cases. This is NOT related to ProBalance./li>

# [.3]1Fix.Core: Fixed watchdog entries not always being enforced when they should be (sometimes deferred). This is NOT related to ProBalance.

# [.31]Change.Core: I/O Priority Lower during restraint now reset if ProBalance defaults restored

# [.31]Change.GUI: Allow manual entry of CPU % in Watchdog dialog instead of forcing use of combobox

# [.31]Change.GUI: Rearranged configuration dialog menu items a little

# [.31]Change.GUI: A few small cosmetic fixes for some languages

# [.31]Change.GUI: Improved handling of system tray icon recovery if explorer crashes (near instant instead of delayed a few seconds, and more redundancy on failure)

# [.31]Change.GUI: Other misc cosmetic tweaks

# [.31]Change.GUI: Several other misc code tweaks

# [.31]Change.GUI: Updated Russian

# [.31]Change.GUI: Updated French

# [.31]Change.GUI: Updated Finnish

# [.31]Change.GUI: Restored older Traditional Chinese translation

# [.31]Change.Installer: No longer force language reselection (Japanese build only), as automatic update is now most common method to upgrade and it doesn't reset language anyway





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