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FrostWire v5.0.6 Beta


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FrostWire v5.0.6 Beta


In case you don't notice many of the changes, the most important ones are:

> Send File | Send Folder

Available on your File Menu, or by right clicking on a torrent in the transfer manager.

This feature allows you to send a file or a folder, no matter its size to another person using a simple http:// link. The other person needs to have FrostWire running to receive the file.

The page shown on the link will live at maglnk.com and we need your feedback in case you get lost when receiving a file like this.

We hope we can give the internet a new alternative to the nuisance of sending the ever growing attachments without having to deal with super naggy ad filled websites.

This feature works even better if you send the file to many people given BitTorrent's swarming capabilities, so we included there some shortcuts to share the file on Twitter and several clipboard copying actions that you might find handy (Copy all the suggested text, Copy just the link or Copy the Magnet URL)

> Partial Download for Mortals

Now all search results have [+] icon left of the search result name, if you click there the Partial Download window opens to let you see the contents of the torrent. If the torrent has way too many files and you're just interested in a few you can use a type as you text search filter to find what you need in the torrent easily.

And for the curious, here's the full changelog for this release

frostwire (5.0.6) stable; urgency=high

* New feature, Send file. Available on File Menu and Transfer Manager.

* New feature, Send folder. Available on File Menu and Transfer Manager.

* UX upgrade, we now have a [+] icon next to search result file names to show partial download dialog.

* UX upgrade, when a partial download is cancelled, the entry is removed from transfers.

* UX update on partial download dialog. Includes new text filter.

* UX fix, Library search now also looks for .torrents on "Torrents" folder.

* UX fix, Mac OSX file menu does no longer show "Exit" action.

* Fixes bug, incomplete files are no longer exported to iTunes playlist.

* UX update, Help Menu now says "Sharing Help". Items rearranged.

* UX update, rearranged View options into single panel.

* UX update, torrent seeding settings are now a control of its own with an explanation of what seeding is.

* UX update, the installation wizard now forces the user to decide if she wants to seed or not seed to continue. Links to what is seeding are in place.

* UX update, in Windows and Linux, when the user Xs the window the user is explained that the application will be hidden and is given the option to exit.

* UX bugfix, font size can now be increased.

frostwire (5.0.4) stable; urgency=high

* UI upgrade, Create and seed New Torrents.

* UI upgrade, Ability to throttle torrent transfer speeds

* UI upgrade, Copy info hash from torrent.

* UI upgrade, Copy magnet link url from torrent.

* UI upgrade, Searchable library. Searches recursively downloaded files, folders and torrents.

* UI upgrade, Search results filterable by Torrent Search Engine.

* UI upgrade, Search results filterable by file size.

* UI upgrade, Search results filterable by number of seeds.

* UI upgrade, Search results filterable by keywords as you type.

* UI upgrade, Ability to download partial files.

* UI upgrade, Promotional slides can now be switched by the user.

* UI upgrade and bug fixes on Phone & Tablets tab.

* UI upgrade, Ability to rebuild "FrostWire" playlist on iTunes.

* UI upgrade, Replaced legacy skinning code for "Substance" skinning system.

* Core update, audio playback is now done using mplayer.

* Core update, Vuze core integration with transfer manager. re-written from scratch.

* Core update, No Gnutella support. Multiple library dependencies gone.

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