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FlashFXP 4.1.0 Build 1602 Beta


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FlashFXP 4.1.0 Build 1602 Beta



Fixed > File and Queue List > Item selection issues.

Fixed > Queue > Item Edit > When multiple queued deletes were selected the result was not as expected.

Fixed > Remote edit > Active edits dialog > Sometimes multi-select was failing to remove all of the selected items.

Changed > Remote edit > Active edits dialog > The item selection color will now change to indicate whether or not the list control has focus.

Changed > Remote edit > Active edits dialog > The item icons are now dimmed for items that were loaded from the edit history but currently do not exist locally.

Fixed > List-views > Font resource leak.

Changed > Move confirmation prompt > This prompt now includes the name of the selected item or the number of items selected.

Fixed > Synchronized browsing > There was an unusual situation where synchronized browsing would sometimes get out of sync.

Fixed > EnQueue Delete > Queue List > Item Edit > When the "Include sub-folders" option is unchecked the folder itself was not supposed to be deleted.

Fixed > Remote edit > Active edits dialog > The right-click menu didn't always disable certain the menu items when multiple items were selected.

Fixed > Download > file > If the local disk became full and the option "Check for free space before download" was unchecked FlashFXP didn't properly handle a write failure due to a fragment of code that was added to troubleshoot a write error.

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