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CCCP 2011-06-15 Beta


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CCCP 2011-06-15 Beta



2011-06-15: FFDShow-tryouts 1.1.3882, MPC-HC Actual new stuff and/or fixes, galore! Uninstaller should now correctly remove ffdshow-tryouts' DXVA settings registry entries, which seemingly had been forgotten by Nicholi during 2010. The AAC, MP3, DTS, AC3 decoding should now default to libav decoders instead of external libs (testing needed, ho!). And last but not least, you should now be able to reset settings without admin rights (those that are possible, of course -- some Haali settings will be greyed out, f.ex.).

Also MPC-HC's registry tree entry got changed, thus changes in uninstaller and settings app were done, people are advised to check if CCCP leaves anything behind, although I believe my grepping should be mighty fine vOv. %AppData% folder is the same.

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