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FlashFXP 4.1.0 Build 1594 Beta


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FlashFXP 4.1.0 Build 1594 Beta



Fixed > Prefernces dialog > Expire folder cache value box became disabled when toggling the other 2 cache related options.

Fixed > Toolbar > Classic buttons > the button edge wasn't blended correctly in the previous build when using the modern style and the default windows themed background.

Added > Preferences > Interface > Toolbar > Stretch background, When checked, the background image is stretched to appear as a single seamless image between the top and bottom toolbars.

Added > Remote edit history, when editing remote files the details for each edit is stored and then restored on connect, the temporary file is not kept locally, the file is re-downloaded for any edit.

Added > Active Edits dialog > Double clicking on an item in the list triggers the re-edit action.

Added > Preferences > View and Edit File > Remember edit history. This option allows the user to turn off the edit history feature.

Fixed > Queue > Typically the queue prevents the user from accidently adding the same item to the queue multiple times, this was broken in the previous build.

Added > Ctrl + W shortcut to toggle synchronized browsing on/off.

Fixed > File lists > pre XP operating systems > The column headers were missing their captions.

Fixed > Local browser > A several bug reports indicated that I neglected to add proper checking around two routines in the event of a failure. This should now be solved.

Fixed > Local browser > column sizing when the type column is visible.

Updated > SFTP engine to the latest version.

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