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Process Lasso v4.09.42 Beta


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Process Lasso v4.09.42 Beta




v4.09.42 beta - Fixed existing startup config detection in Vista+

During QA it was noticed that the startup configuration wasn't being 'preserved' the and set for you the next time you did a manual install or update of the product (new automated updates are not affected). This fix allows proper discovery of the existing settings, even if you have manually changed them outside of Process Lasso (in other words it goes and looks and doesn't rely on some application registry setting). This little snafu actually exist in the last stable/final as well, though it isn't a huge deal. Since I am so close to v4.1, a backport probably will not occur.

Now onward to two very important beta edition bug fixes...

4.09.42 build 95200

Fix.InstallHelper: Not remembering startup configuration in exactitude for Vista+

Fix.GUI: Hopeful final fix for 'random' crash at startup (race condition) that has nagged at me for a while

Process Lasso 4.09.42 Beta (Server Edition)



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