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Process Lasso v4.09.35 Beta


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Process Lasso v4.09.35 Beta


4.09.35 build 94600

Addition.GUI: Added MessageBox on 'Manage processes of other users' to ask if user wants to do it once, or every time

Change.GUI: Tweaked some code to avoid known crash that has rarely and randomly popped up

Change.GUI: Made thread ID in threads view both decimal and hexadecimal

Change.GUI: Disabled all I/O priorities not supported in NT6 (Vista) until we confirm there is low-level support for them in Win7

Fix.GUI: Fix sort by thread ID column in threads view

Fix.GUI: Fixed self-restart capability that became broken

Fix.GUI: Improved behavior of 'Manage all users' when elevated rights is disabled (does a one-time elevation)

Fix.GUI: Induced better wait to ensure elevation change completes before next launch

Change.Core: Better interoperability with Norton Internet Security 2011

Change.All: Memory allocation code change

Download x32:


Download x64:


Note: the installer shows old version, but after installing it`s version 4.09.35 - same in the executable properties B)

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