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Opera 11.10 Build 2081 RC


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Opera 11.10 Build 2081 RC


Barracuda Release Candidate

Since we first introduced Opera 11.10 "Barracuda", you have seen a couple of new features, countless bugfixes, and lots of snapshots. The result of all this work is soon about to culminate in the final release of Barracuda.

Today we present you with a Barracuda Release Candidate.

This RC adds additional fixes to make Barracuda even more stable and streamlined. Several more crash bugs have been fixed, we have continued to polish Speed Dial, and there are numerous other fixes in there as well.

We have also reduced Opera's power consumption when the computer is running on battery. This means that benchmark scores may be lower on battery power alone, so make sure you plug in the power cord before running any benchmarks!

At this point, we are mostly interested in any major new problems or issues. We will of course continue to work on future versions even as we release Barracuda from its holding tank, so any fixes that didn't make it are candidates for a future version.

But for now, please focus on possible release blockers for Barracuda. That will make it a lot easier for everyone when browsing through the comments.

Thanks for the testing so far!



Plugged some memory leaks

DSK-329271 BitTorrent crash

DSK-332610 Crash on exit

DSK-300575 Broken search field in Apperance > Buttons > Search

DSK-332286 Not possible to select stacked tab by hovering the thumbnails

DSK-332323 Margin for scrollbars not respected in scroll container

DSK-330738 Flash repainted all over the place when scrolling

DSK-329320 Crash when opening folder selector in a widget and then closing widget

DSK-329999 Unable to 'allow' use of application cache through confirmation dialog (dead 'allow' button)

DSK-330268 Crash when canceling drag with mouse click

DSK-332612 Gesture guide stays open when using the right mouse button and mouse wheel

DSK-332326 Opera freezes until all webfonts are loaded

DSK-329112 Thumbnails in tab stacks are not updated on window resize

DSK-322778 No generic views after importing multiple mail accounts in a clean install

DSK-332532 Cannot click on a single tab tooltip (thumbnail) to switch tabs

DSK-332449 Do not touch the timer resolution when the computer is running on battery

DSK-332641 Black gap between address bar and bookmark bar with native skins

DSK-331428 Crash when adding/deleting bookmarks

DSK-333142 Crash on using visual mouse gesture to get back to startup page


CORE-37698 Table cell and child block with 100% height inside auto height collapses table

CORE-35279 Infinite repaint loop with positioned RTL container with inline and positioned, overflow block

CORE-24458 Transition doesn't happen if set simultaneously as the new transitioned value

CORE-37663 No height on overflown content causes missing content in tvguide.co.jp

CORE-35314 JIT crash on fuse.js

Speed Dial

Improved thumbnail quality in many cases

Animation when adding Speed Dials

DSK-332003 Tab thumbnail for Speed Dial generates artifacts for certain layout settings

DSK-332068 Zoom level indicator displays ... when zoom set to 100% or more (Windows XP)

DSK-331904 Speed dial layout is broken with ~11 entries and large zoom

DSK-332488 Blue border remains after editing Speed Dial cell

DSK-332490 Speed dial callout dialogs should be closer to the element they point to

DSK-332718 Newly added Speed Dials have title set to URL instead of page title

DSK-332717 Opera crashes when dragging a Speed Dial onto the tab bar

DSK-332839 Zoom slider doesn't look disabled enough

DSK-332950 Revert from 4:3 to 16:10 (widescreen) thumbnails

DSK-332707 Thumbnail loading for My Opera doesn't work

DSK-331726 Config button, context menu and close buttons not removed with Speed Dial State=2

DSK-331354 Speed dial's own thumbnail is blank

DSK-331051 Tooltip is not cleaned when hovering between items (also no longer has yellow background)

DSK-331449 Crash when adding Speed Dial after going back from read-only Speed Dial mode

DSK-332090 Speed Dial zooming stuck despite it being set to automatic when manually set column count is larger than current count of speed dials

DSK-332530 Speed Dial thumbnails blurry on first load

DSK-329860 Force Speed Dial reload when upgrading to 11.10

DSK-332763 Speed Dial zoom level is shown instead of page zoom level

DSK-332938 Crash when resizing thumbnails

DSK-333060 Crash when generating thumbnails

DSK-330980 SD items can be rearranged with Speed Dial State = 2

DSK-331901 Auto-resize of speed dial thumbnails does not work if plus button is disabled

DSK-332294 Zoom slider operates only between 20-100% with 1% jump

DSK-332740 2nd thumbnail viewmode="minimized" is not resized if it is a duplicate

DSK-332300 Newly added speed dial entry is not propagated between tabs if Add button is hidden

DSK-331468 Dragging Speed Dial cell to tab changes its color

DSK-332052 Opera crashes after dragging Speed Dial thumbnail to tab bar with two mouse buttons pressed (Linux)


DSK-332514 Crash in IMAP account of Folders dialogs

DSK-319764 Threaded view hides sent messages in labels/filters

DSK-331481 IMAP keyword exclusion list


DSK-325628 Voice crash

DSK-323725 Problem installing Voice plugin after upgrading from 10.6x to 11

DSK-330623 Plugin installation wizard blocked by file types prefs in operaprefs.ini

DSK-331861 Opera crashes on a page with voice enabled

DSK-331860 Opera crashes if you enable and disable voice several times

DSK-322279 Buttons in the Missing Plugins toolbar grow when window is resized so that the toolbar text is clipped

DSK-332087 Status bar very tall with Windows Native skin


DSK-325213 Inconsistent tab tooltip shadow

DSK-332329 Too many file extensions when saving file


DSK-332947 Send a _NET_WM_MOVERESIZE_CANCEL to the window manager when window drag ends

DSK-332430 If the xdg-user-dirs are not defined they should not show in the Places list in the X11 File dialogs

DSK-332319 Margins of widgets in declarative ui dialogs incorrect in X11 mode

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