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Process Lasso v4.09.33 beta


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Process Lasso v4.09.33 beta



Addition.GUI/Core: Added support for lowering explicitly I/O priorities in Vista+ during ProBalance restraint events

Addition.GUI: Added post-auto-update system tray balloon to let the user know the update succeeded

Addition.GUI: Added EULA acceptance message prior to automated update

Change.GUI: Changed and ammended warnings in places

Change.GUI: More cosmetic adjustments and polishing

Removal.Updater: Removed from new updater the version change history, this will have to wait as I must get this version done

Change.GUI: Updated Serbian, Serbian Latin, and other languages

Fix.GUI: (further work) Fix issue where Norton NIS 2011 SONAR would unnecessarily warn of blocked attempts to enumerate its threads by Process Lasso

Fix.GUI: Server time limited trial edition would errantly say 'skip and continue free edition use' when trial expired, fixed

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