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mp3Tag 2.48a Beta


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mp3Tag 2.48a Beta


NEW: added %itunesaccount% and %itunespurchasedate% for MP4 files.

NEW: added %_video_height%, %_video_width%, and %_video_bitrate% for MP4 video files.

NEW: scripting function $getEnv.

NEW: support for Unicode encoded web sources scripts.

CHG: removed action type 'Shorten filenames to 64 characters'.

FIX: $ifLonger did not work as documented.

FIX: $rand was only seeded once per session.

FIX: runtime error at converter preview with empty format string.

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I found that update kind of peculiar. The latest final is 2.48. And a 2.48a development release comes. They could at least upped the number to 2.49.


Thanks for the update notice :)

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