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Process Lasso v4.09.30 beta


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Process Lasso v4.09.30 beta





# 4.09.29 build 93800

# Interim silent build issued with minor tweaks and undocumented changes

# 4.09.30 build 93900

# Fix.GUI: Fixed (lack of) minidump support in pre-XP sp2 machines

# Fix.GUI: (beta2beta) Reduced free user nag annoyance in last build, it was too annoying (I use myself to determine)

# Fix.InstallHelper: Fixed unable to change the startup type in Vista+ because leftover Task Scheduler entries were sometimes in place

# Fix.InstallHelper: Fixed rare cases of reconfiguring causing redundant auto start entries in Vista+

# Fix.GUI: Worked on W2K and XP pre-SP2 issues, though not verified to be resolved yet

# Fix.Other: Misc fixes and code review throughout

# Fix.Core: Fixed case where core engine could have a redundant launch at startup in Vista+

# Change.Installer: Various tweaks

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