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FlashFXP v4.0.0 Build 1546


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FlashFXP v4.0.0 Build 1546




Hot fix

The installer has been updated, some users experienced an automatic computer restart after update. The installer should never restart the computer.

Re-worked the internal file associations, in the previous build editing or adding a new file association caused the association to become corrupted.

Re-worked an internal routine used for object look ups via a hash table, the collision handling was flawed in a way that could sometimes result in an access violation.

Added a compare folder setting to enable/disable case-sensitive item name for comparisons.

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It had to do with this:

4.0 Build 1547 (hotfix)

Due to an unexpected situation involving our content delivery network serving a cached pre-release build of 1546 it was nessary to re-release the build as 1547. Customers who downloaded build 1546 were served a buggy release.

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