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Process Lasso v4.09.27 beta


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Process Lasso v4.09.27 beta





Fix.GUI: Added new safeties if process is terminated while operations are being performed upon it (possible cause of some crashes)

Fix.All: Rundll process name parsing had a spurious quotation mark at the end

Change.All: Reverted back to our own drop-in replacement for the COM string alloc/free function, as we continue to migrate ancient code

Change.GUI: Added a little more room for About box information, as it was sometimes vertically truncated with some character sets

Change.GUI: Updated Serbian translation by Ozzi

Change.GUI: Optimized a few more pieces of code

Change.QuickUpgrade: Now does its own closing of running instances, instead of relying on InstallHelper (should fix some issues)

Change.QuickUpgrade: Can now be used stand-alone, and files will be updated to the right place

Addition.QuickUpgrade: Added new status bar to show what is currently going on in the background thread

Addition.QuickUpgrade: Runs better in stand-alone situations

Fix.QuickUpgrade: Fixed any failure to terminate and some other little issues

Fix.QuickUpgrade: Fixed issue where error messages were in the background

Fix.QuickUpgrade: Reduced max wait time on Stop command

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