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Google Chrome 10.0.648.18 Dev


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Google Chrome 10.0.648.18 Dev

Google Chrome is a browser that combines a minimal design with sophisticated technology to make the web faster, safer, and easier. Google Chrome also uses a brand new javascript engine (V8), which is much faster than existing javascript interpreters. This means you can create more complex and more intensive AJAX applications with fewer speed and processing constraints. Finally, Google Chrome is built on top of WebKit, so Google Chrome users will benefit from the CSS3 features being added to WebKit as those features are released.


The Chrome Dev channel has been updated to 10.0.648.18 for all platforms. This build contains the following updates:


Updated V8 -

[73562] Removed icon from View Background Pages menu item in wrench menu. (Issue: 71489)

[r73158] Fix crash on closing Download Manager (Issue: 71027)

[r73207] Auto-scroll while drag and dropping apps on the New Tab Page (Issue: 70965)

webNavigation extension API ready for testing (Issue: 60100)


[r73163] Find bug where web text input would sometimes trigger find-in-page (Issue: 70644)


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