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[Frontpaged] VMware Workstation 17.0 Pro


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VMware Workstation 17.0 Pro Release Notes

What's New
Auto Start Virtual Machine
You can now configure the local virtual machines to start automatically when the host machine boots up.

New Guest Operating System Support
Microsoft Windows 11
Microsoft Windows Server 2022
Debian 11.x
Ubuntu 22.04

New Virtual Trusted Platform Module 2.0
Workstation Pro now offers a virtual Trusted Platform Module (version 2.0) device to support Windows 11 and other operating systems that require a TPM. 

New Full or Fast Encryption features
You can now choose between security (Full) and performance (Fast) options for encyption.

Improved Graphics Support: OpenGL 4.3
Workstation Pro now supports OpenGL 4.3 for the virtual machines.
Guest Operating System Requirements
Windows 7 or higher
Linux with Mesa 22.0.0 and Linux kernel 5.16.0

Support for WDDM 1.2
Workstation Pro now supports WDDM (Windows Display Driver Model) version 1.2 for the virtual machines.

Product Support Notices
The option to map or mount a virtual disk to a drive on the host system is no longer available in Workstation Pro.



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 Post Moved.

  VMware Workstation Pro   is Frontpage Software. Future updates should be posted to here the Frontpage Software Updates forum.

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