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v5.10.2412 (11.11.2022)
Sound engine: restart ASIO-driver on error without restart the app

Fixed: playlist - hangs in "loading" stage after renaming the file in tag editor (regression 5.10)
Fixed: tag editor - FLAC - shorten version of JPEG MIME-type is used instead of full
Fixed other minor issues

AIMP v5.10.2412
32-bit https://aimp.ru/files/windows/builds/aimp_5.10.2412_w32.exe
64-bit https://aimp.ru/files/windows/builds/aimp_5.10.2412_w64.exe


AIMP v5.10.2412 (No Installer)
32-bit https://aimp.ru/files/windows/builds/aimp_5.10.2412_w32_no-installer.zip
64-bit https://aimp.ru/files/windows/builds/aimp_5.10.2412_w64_no-installer.zip

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