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Latest Changes

Changes in GoodSync 12.0.6 (2022-10-05):

  • gs-server: Improved Session management and cleanup, fixed rare crashes.
  • Job Options: Speed Limit: Increase number of zeros in Max from 5 to 7.
  • FTP Proxy Mode: Do not try to match IP address returned by PASV to proxy address.
  • Main GUI: Fixed centering and alignment of Import dialog.
  • Installer: Made install dialogs to have the same style as Account Setup dialogs.
  • Account Web UI: Password Reset: Log in after Password Reset, require Password Change.
  • Account Web UI: Email and Phone verification: Send the same Verification Code for 5 min.
  • Account Web UI: Email verification: Send link for user to click, instead of asking to enter code.
  • Account Web UI: Merge Accounts: Request Password of destination merged-into Account.

    DOWNLOAD GoodSync 12 for Windows [exe]
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